(Video Message from Dr Clint G Rogers & Orphan Kids Thanking You!)

🙌 Today we celebrate YOU… and how YOUR LOVE crosses oceans to create ripples of miracles in the lives of these orphan kids, who we now affectionately call ‘our kids’.


Ancient Secrets Endowment Fund – how your money can keep giving:

– Below on this page, you will discover many inspiring and heart-touching stories about these children and those who have dedicated their lives to caring for them. We are so excited for you to fall in love with them, like we have. And your love helps keep them out of horrible situations, difficult to even imagine, where they have come from or could be now without your support.

– As your love grows for them, we imagine you will feel like we do – in wanting to do something that can truly help them in a long-term way, not just a short-term solution. One challenge any charitable organization has is being sustainable. How do we make it so that we can support these kids long-term? To help solve this challenge, we created an Endowment Fund.

– This means when you pay into the fund any amount, as it builds (along with any larger funds from grants and/or generous donors) — we only take some of the interest from the fund, so the original money you contributed continues to build. With the interest alone generated from your donation, we can continue to help the kids indefinitely into the future…

– With this awesome system in place, your donation today will perpetually help maintain needs of existing orphan homes, education, food, clothing, etc.

– As you discover their stories below, and the ways in which they use any opportunity they have to bless others… we trust love will guide you in whatever ways you feel inspired to support.

If you feel inspired by love to become one of the founding members of the Ancient Secrets Endowment Fund, you can do so here:

(In order to meet the needs of the 9 orphan homes, with over 350 kids, and to continue to support the children who turn 18+, we have calculated that we need to start by raising 6+ million USD. As we raise money beyond that, we can look at supporting more kids in a long-term, sustainable way. Every dollar counts, and any amount of donation is welcome.)


1. Critical Situations that Need Your Help NOW (e.g. How You can help Save an Orphan Home from closing);

2. Creative ways people around the world are supporting, even if they don’t have money;

3. Awesome gifts you’ll receive from giving TODAY (either for you, or for someone you love when you give in honor of them);

4. Specific ways how YOUR love, care, and contributions have already helped ‘our kids’;

5. How ‘our kids’ are now ‘Paying it Forward’ to help other kids in need;

6. How Ancient Secrets Foundation can ensure 100% of your contribution goes to the kids/causes, not admin fees;

 7. And how TODAY you can be a bigger part of it all (with the Endowment Fund, where from giving once… your money continues to give indefinitely)!

… See below for more on each!

Thank You for Donating Now! Every Dollar & Every Act of Love Makes a Difference


We are so grateful that we have in place a system we trust. We have invaluable experience with orphan homes in this area, and are striving to provide immediate and long-term support. Ancient Secrets Foundation (ASF), is a U.S. based 501(c)3 foundation, and in Nepal, our local, trustworthy partners (like Choice Humanitarian in Nepal) make this cimmittment possible. (You can see more on this below.)

100% of the money you donate goes to the causes intended. And our kids are multiplying the effect of your money by ‘paying it forward’ to help others. (*Some minimal bank transaction fees are taken out before we get it.)

– All administrative costs of ASF are currently paid through our programming, educational courses, and from sponsors that have specifically donated to that, so that the impact of your kindness extends as far as possible into the lives of the children that need it. If there comes a time that we need additional funding for administrative costs, we will keep it as minimal as possible.

– Through all of this, You can trust your money is going to exactly where it is needed most!

– Monthly donations are especially appreciated, to provide ongoing support. And with any donation, you can do it in your name or you can give as a gift in honor of someone else. (If you make the gift in honor of someone else, please include in the notes on the donation page their name and an email address where we can send a joyful acknowledgement message to them.)

– ‘Our kids’ have gifts of love for us to send to you, and we want to keep in touch to update you on their progress. Every contribution of any amount is valued, and you become part of this miracle movement family. Gifts for you donating today are described below.

UNLEASHING MIRACLES: How Many Lives Can Your Love Impact?

Who Are The Kids You are Helping And How Are They Paying It Forward?

Meet the amazing kids from the Mountain Children Home!

This true story can touch your heart and change your life. When those who helped them previously were now in trouble, these kids immediately begand to help.

They never said, “we don’t have any money, or we are too little, what can we do?” Instead they thought of what they could do, and it exemplifies this powerful quote from the book Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer:

“It is not about how much you do,

but how much love you put into what you do that counts.”

~ Saint Mother Teresa (p. 221)

BINITA’S HEARTBREAKING STORY – At only age 16 she became a mother to kids in desperate need…

Watch this video to hear her story and meet these beautiful children.

(Warning: Get a box of tissues ready.)

Raj and the Orphan Home for Girls (which you can help save from being closed) – this is what is needed now

Some of the kids who are still left at the CYMA girls hostel orphanage

Some of the kids who are still left at the CYMA girls hostel orphanage

Raj was an orphan and lived on the streets, until a kind welder found him under a bridge, took him in, and taught him his trade. Once he got married, Raj dedicated his whole life and all his income from welding to help other orphans so they don’t have to suffer like he did.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic, Raj lost almost all his clients and income and was not able to maintain basic needs. It has broken his heart that already he has been forced to send over half the girls away to villiages or other homes, and that he has been on the verge of needing to close the entire home. (You can see more on his story below.)

As soon as welding work picks up again, Raj, the ‘father’ of this home can take care of their financial needs but for right now, they need help in order to stay open.



The above stories are only 3 of the 9 orphan homes we are currently supporting through the Ancient Secrets Foundation. Another home is run by a woman who has raised over 500 kids!

All of the caretakers and these homes were vetted by local trusted advisors, and they were chosen because of the genuine need of the kids, and the genuine love of those who had dedicated their lives to caring for them.

As we help remove the financial burden of them needing to know how to feed and put clothing on the kids, it gives them more capacity to help them in every other area of their lives. We are also doing things to monitor the support, and provide additional support and training as needed.

This is what they need to stay open:

Monthly expenses. Each of the homes need about $3,000/month to run the whole home for the children – including food expenses, clothing, school fees, etc

One-time expenses (e.g. to fix their home). Occasionally they also need some funds as a one-time expense to repair their home from damagae such as water leaking, or shifting land… in order to fulfill the government regulations to stay there. (These costs have been anywhere from $2,000-$15,000 depending on severity of damage.)

Expansion expenses (e.g. to help rescue some new orphans from recent earthquakes or other circumstances). When supported properly, these homes are contacted by government or other agencies to see if they can take new kids that are in great need. The cost is about $81/month or $972/year per new child to help bring in and take care of some of the new kids who recently became orphans (for eample, during the earthquakes last month in northern Nepal).

(In order to meet the needs of the 9 orphan homes, with over 350 kids, and to continue to support the children who turn 18+, we have calculated that for the Ancient Secrets Endowment Fund we need to start by raising 6 million USD. As we raise money beyond that, we can look at supporting more kids in a long-term, sustainable way. Every dollar counts, and any amount of donation is welcome.)

What is ‘Intelligent Giving’? 

When you donate to Ancient Secrets Foundation, you are not only helping take care of urgent, immediate needs, but also long-term support.

The Endowment Fund & the Bridge Program (see below) makes it so that through your love, these kids will be taken care of long into the future… and so they have a way to ‘Pay it Forward’ to other kids like them.

Every single one of these kids that we spoke with has said that they want to become successful so that they can help other kids like them.

Your love really does make a difference for these kids, and the ripples of your love will continue forward forever!

Ancient Secrets Bridge Program: Supporting the kids turning 18+

Group of orlder Nepali oprhan boys in a group hug with Dr. Clint Rogers.

Group of orlder Nepali oprhan boys in a group hug with Dr. Clint Rogers.

Between the nine orphan homes currently supported by Ancient Secrets Foundation, 55 of the kids have turned 18 this year or are turning 18 soon. By Nepali law, at this age they need to leave the orphan home, only they often have nowhere to go.

A recent newspaper article documented the horrible situation where countries at war are coming to Nepal to recruit young men from Nepal, who then end up on both sides of the war, killing each other. And for the girls who are turning 18, their options are often even worse.

To those in our Ancient Secrets community that have visited Nepal, met & love these kids, it is not acceptable to leave them with such bleak alternatives. As Beverly, who raised over 100 foster kids, said on a recent Sunday Global Healing call: “We would never throw kids away!”

These older kids need a bridge between the orphan home and the rest of their lives. Like Raj who learned welding, once they learn a skill, these amazing kids often spend the rest of their lives and income helping others in similar situations.

You can help!

What do these awesome kids need now?  

Some guidance. You can help us raise $300/month for hiring a guidance counselor to go to each home and meet with all of the 40 kids who are turning 18+. Through discussions with them, he will help them to better discover what they want to do with their lives after the orphan home, and how we can best support them.

A place to stay. They need $50,000 – $60,000 as a one-time fee to create a hostel where these older kids can stay temporarily as they learn life skills, support each other, and apply for higher education and/or get work.

A possibility of work and/or higher education. We are creating a ‘perpetual scholarship fund’ – so that when they finish their education and have good work they can then ‘pay it forward’ back into the fund, in order to help support other kids who come after them.

By supporting these kids, who are paying it forward, you’ll feel in your heart big hugs like this ☝🙏💖

What can you do right now that would make a big difference?

The opening quote in the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer” ( says:

“I didn’t come to teach you. 

I came to love you. 

Love will teach you.”

Thank you for letting love guide you.


1) DONATE: *Join ‘our kids’, who are paying it forward and contribute to one or all of these needs (see above). Recurring Monthly Donations are especially helpful, and this is an option at every link:

2) SHARE: Post the video and a link to this page on your social media and/or share with friends:

3) LOVE: Send your loving energy to bless them! (See below other creative ways people are supporting, even if they don’t have money.)

GIFTS FOR YOU (& Keeping YOU Updated on What Happens Next)

We know you are doing this out of love, not for any recognition or personal gain. In return, the kids and those at Ancient Secrets Foundation want to celebrate your impulse of love, and give you some gifts, too!

For everyone who contributes:

  • Any amount of $1 USD or more – you’ll receive updates on the ripples of miracles happening with these kids, because of your love and care! You will also get another special gift! You’ll receive via email something created by these kids for you, with love. (e.g. a digital version of their artwork and/or music they created)
  • $108 USD or more, you will receive a free entry to the next Ancient Secrets 101 course (next start date TBA) for yourself or that you can gift to a friend, and digital copy of a section of the upcoming ‘Ancient Secrets for Pets’ book or of the ‘Ancient Secrets Cookbook‘!
  • $500 USD or more, you will receive the above and a powerful personalized musical composition by Renara. This is a perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love. When have you ever had a musical composition written specifically for you, by a master musician?! It is truly a powerful and memorable gift to treasure.
  • $1,000 USD or more, you will receive all of the above and a special gift made/blessed by the orphan kids for you! (You’ll receive a ‘Love Bracelet) They made to let you know you are always loved. (Please indicate in the notes the best address to send it to.)
  • $5000 USD or more, you will receive all of the above and a personalized Thank You video from the kids to You, or anyone you make the gift in honor/behalf of. (Just please indicate in the notes the name of the person you want acknowledged, and what email address to send it to).
  • $10,000 USD or more, you’ll receive all of the above and a special invitation to come to Nepal in person (which you can use for yourself, or gift to someone else you love). This does not include airfare, but it does include Dr. Clint G. Rogers personally guiding you to visit some of the beautiful children, in addition to the sacred sites & mystical masters behind the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer.

Why your love and donations are so important!

Many of the orphan & at-risk kids in Nepal struggle for survival, with their basic needs not being met. As a result, they have fallen victim to human trafficking, been conscripted into wars not theirs, suffered and even died of things that could have been prevented with a little love and care.

You providing that love and care for these kids, preventing such horrible futures, does more than that. These kids you help are actively helping other kids – to also have a much brighter future!

Every dollar and every act of love makes a difference. Whether you contribute a large amount, a small amount, post about this to share it with others, or simply send loving energy… your love creates ripples of miracles for these kids… which is now spreading.

You helping even one child ends up helping many other children!


School Fundraisers: Heidi came on a mystical tour of Nepal with Dr. Clint and when she returned, her school class in Bismarck, North Dakota, wanted to help. Just this last week did a bake sale and raised $200! ‘Our’ orphan kids in Nepal were so happy they recorded a video message for the kids in Bismarck.

Music concerts & musical gifts:

  • Renara, an extremely talented musician is holding a series of live concerts along with guest performers, with 100% of profits going to support ‘our kids’ and their causes!
  • She has also offered that anyone who donates $500 or more, she will create a custom song for you, or for anyone you may gift it to! (See more on this here.)

Offering Experience and/or Your Services in Exchange for Donations:

  • Many are offering their personal services and talents as a way to raise money for ‘our kids’.
  • For example, Linda Rouseau, offers powerful sessions to help people discover their purpose in life, and remove any blocks to fulfilment. When you contact her for coaching, she will donate a portion of the fees to benefit these orphan kids. If interested in this you can book a session here:

Percentage of Home Sale: Belle has committed that 10% of the profit from selling her beautiful property in Ashland will go to benefit the kids. Belle always dreamed of it being a healing center. It is a gorgeous log home with several other buildings on nearly 60 acres, 22 miles up the mountain in Ashland, Oregon. Do you know anyone that would be blessed to to buy this gorgeous property?

  • If you are interested in buying a property like this, or you can help find someone to buy it, please contact Belle’s agent Anna Houppermans at 
  • To experience it, you can rent it for yourself or for a healing retreat here (see amazing pictures at this link):

Percentage of Business Profits: Ryan for some time has been giving 1% from all his business profits each month to help support the orphan kids through the Ancient Secrets Foundation.

  • If you are a business owner, could you do the same?
  • If you are an employee, could you ask your employer to do something similar, or even to institute a donation matching program?

Mystical Nepal Tour: Dr. Clint G. Rogers is hosting another Mystical Adventure Retreat to Nepal soon, as a high-end fundraising tour to support the orphan kids. On this trip you will visit not only the orphan kids, but also go to sacred sites and meet mystical masters behind the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer

Your Creative Ideas: 

Here are some additional ways you can make a tax-deductible donation: (wire transfer, credit card/ paypal, sending a check, or transferring crypto-currency).

You can make either a one-time, a recurring monthly, or a recurring yearly donation by credit card through zeffy, by clicking on this link:

(NOTE: When donating through Zeffy at this link immediately above, or through the donation links previously posted, you have the option to select that there are no additional transaction fees, so 100% goes straight to the cause.)

You can make a one-time, or a recurring monthly donation by PayPal, by clicking on this link:

You can wire money using this information below. If you prefer to send money this way, please send an email to us ( to get the specific bank account details to wire the money to.

If you prefer you can send us a check. You can make it out to: Ancient Secrets Foundation.

Email here to get specific details on what address to mail your check to:


If you prefer to donate in crypto currency, let us know.

Email here to get specific details on how to make the transfer:



Every dollar and every act of love really does make a difference in the lives of these kids.

In addition to financial contribution, we encourage you to post a link to this page and/or the video at the top on your social media, so other people can also be blessed by this beautiful cause.


How are our orphan kids ‘paying it forward’ to support other kids who need it?

– The Mountain Children Home is making love bracelets again, that we can sell to help.

(For anyone who makes donation today at a certain amount, you will get one of these love bracelets sent to you, to always remind you that you are loved! See more on this below.)

Girl's from the Mountain Children Home making love bracelets again!
Kids from the Mountain Children Home making love bracelets again!

Binita’s home has been painting beautiful art, that we can use in many ways to help support the other kids!

(For anyone who makes donation today at a certain amount, you will also be blessed by receiving digital versions of some of this beautiful art. See more on this below.)

Look What Miracles You Already Helped Create For ‘Our Kids’!

How did this all begin? When did it start and how did the miracle unfold?

When Dr. Naram first brought me, Dr. Clint, to the Mountain Children Home in Nepal almost 15 years ago, he said to take care of them as if they were my own family. He told me that they had a special mission in this world. At the time I had no idea what it would all lead to.

At first, I was so inspired how many of you answered that calling with me, and have truly taken these kids into your heart as your own family.

Your loving support has helped the Mountain Children Home Kids to continue to have healthy food, clean water, school supplies (with many of them excelling to the top of their classes), warm clothing (even hand knitted hats), new mattresses, new kitchen supplies, sporting equipment, toys, and computers. Several years ago, when severe earthquakes struck Nepal and their home was destroyed, many of you were also there to help them rebuild a new home. There was even a little extra given to celebrate, with joy, the big holidays in Nepal, and taking the kids to a waterpark for the first time!

The smiles on these kids faces says it all!

Then I have been so inspired by how the kids constantly ‘Pay it Forward’ to help so many others like them, including creating support for other orphan homes that were at risk of shutting down.

As one example, in 2023, another orphan home in Nepal with mostly girls (guided by a loving woman named Binita) was in big need.

When Binita’s home was only weeks away from being shut down by the government for not having adequate facilities, the Mountain Children Home kids found out about it and wanted to help.

They didn’t say, ‘We don’t have any money or influence.’ Instead they said, ‘What can we do?’

They felt the impact of your love and now they wanted to help these other kids in need. Several of the kids said their desire/mission in life was to help as many other orphan kids like them as possible.

As such, they decided to pay your love forward, by making ‘love bracelets’ to help raise money to save Binita’s home.

Binita, in tears about having to tell her kids they would no longer be together under her care.

Mountain home kids making ‘love bracelets’ to help raise money to save Binita’s home.

The children put a blessing into each Love Bracelet made, so that the person wearing it will feel loved.

Their loving action, along with great support from so many of you, made it so that before Binita’s orphan home was shut down, she & her kids were able to get into a new home that met government regulations!

Your donations also provided new beds, blankets, good food, clean water, clothing, and school fees.

Some awesome people who came to Nepal with me even gifted them musical instruments (guitars, drums, flutes, etc.) and art supplies so these extremely talented kids could continue to develop & express their gifts.

Binita, smiling in front of new home you helped her get into.

Binita’s orphan kids in their new home!

After helping Binita’s home, these kids joined forces… and began through Ancient Secrets Foundation, to now help 9 orphan homes (supplying over 350 kids) in Nepal & Africa in a similar way!

Even a little money in these places goes a long way… and your love has gone a very long way. When you help one child, they go on to help others.

Which brings us to two critical heart-breaking situations TODAY … that the kids in both Binita’s home and the Mountain Children Home are teaming up to help support.

And they invite YOU to join them!

This inspiring story will change your life forever…

1) What is the first heart-breaking situation ‘our kids’ are now supporting?


Nepal CYMA orphan girls group photo

As mentioned above, there is an orphan home (with all girls) in a different area of Kathmandu run by a loving man and his wife. This man (Raj) was once an orphan himself, living on the streets.

When he was a young boy, his father passed away and no one in his village would take him in. So, Raj Kumar spent many years of his life on the streets with no access to proper food, water, or education. One day a kind man in another village found him living under a bridge, felt pity on him and invited him to his home. There he learned the skill of metal welding. He worked for this man for many years and later started his own workshop.

When he got married, he and his wife decided that no child should suffer as Raj did. So, they rented a small room, about 24 years ago, adopted a girl child from a hospital whose mother passed away from Aids and the father was in prison, and started caring for her. Slowly, more children joined, the family grew and there was a time when they had 40+ kids.

Without any substantial support from any source except intermittent donations from local clubs, friends, and well-wishers, he managed the home with his income from his welding work. His business was thriving, and he had very good clients.

He was thrilled to be living his dream of supporting these kids, so they did not have to suffer like he did.

Raj, who was an orphan himself, taken in by a welder, and dedicated his whole life and entire income to supporting orphan kids

Unfortunately, when the pandemic came, it hit him very hard. He lost almost all of his biggest clients, as their businesses shut down and/or many left the country.

In this desperate financial situation, one elderly woman let them live in her spare house without a need to pay rent.

However, even without the expense of rent, Raj was unfortunately not able to find enough work to make ends meet, and so the government forced him to send over half of the girls away to extended family in their villages or other homes.

It was like breaking up a family and he was heart-broken.

Some of the kids who are still left at the CYMA girls hostel orphanage

(Some of the girls left at Raj’s orphanage.)

When Binita’s kids needed beds for their new home, this welder Raj was the one who got the job. Through interaction with him, we found out what he was doing, and the heartbreaking situation.

Not only half the girls were already gone… but also the government has said water damage to the home makes it unsuitable to stay.

Without anywhere near the funds needed to keep things open, Raj and his wife Rosalia were weeks away from needing to send all the rest of the girls to other homes as they try to find a way to restart their life again to be able to support these kids properly.

When we visited him, Raj Kumar said, “We have committed our lives in helping the orphans, even if we must close this home due to our current circumstances, we will start small again and slowly grow. We will serve the needy and orphans for the rest of our lives.”

CYMA all girl orphanage interior water damage.

But what if there was another way?

For Binita’s kids, and the Mountain Children Home kids, they know their home is their family, and to hear Raj has had to send away half the kids… they knew this was the same thing as breaking up a family, and that many of the kids would be sent to very unfavorable circumstances.

They don’t want to accept that Raj and this orphan home of girls can’t continue, and so they want to do anything the can to help support.


Recently, the government authorities came on inspection and were impressed at the work Raj and his wife had been doing and told them that they can keep the home running if they can repair the building, have at least 20 children and provide a letter of commitment to help from donors for at least three years.

If resources are available, Raj Kumar and his wife would like to increase the number of kids to at least 30 children and his home the capacity to do that. Upon seeing the good work by Raj and his wife, the landlord was very kind to let them use the house free of costs except for taxes which they must pay to the government.

Recently, there was also an earthquake in the western part of Nepal where some 140 people died with many children orphaned. The local authorities have been requesting Raj Kumar to take in some of the kids. If he gets assurance from us, he can immediately rescue some of these children. (To take care of new children would cost approximately $81/month, or $972/year, per child.)

Orphan Love bracelet

2) What is the second heart-breaking situation ‘our kids’ are now supporting?

As mentioned above, by law in Nepal, when a child turns 18 they must leave the orphan home, unless they have an official job there. Between all the homes we support, there are nearly 55 kids in this situation.

Group of orlder Nepali oprhan boys in a group hug with Dr. Clint Rogers.

Some of the older boys at the orphan home hugging Dr. Clint

Often times, these young adults cannot find work, or struggle to get some kind of education, which is a big challenge.

There was a recent newspaper article describing how countries at war will come to Nepal to recruit soldiers for their wars, and the boys sign up desperate for money to survive. The article further described how often the Nepali boys are hired on both sides of the war, often killing each other.

For the girls who can’t get an education, they either get married off very early, or in some cases, they are forced into even much worse situations which we do not want to imagine.

Some of the Nepal orphan girls who are getting older dancing in full dress.

Some of the older girls at one of the orphan homes.


We know that when we help these kids, they go on to help others. For example, Raj was taken in by a welder, learned this skill, and then has been using that skill for the rest of his life to help other orphans. Once they have a chance, they ‘pay it forward’. By you helping once, it sends ripples of miracles forward.

For ‘our’ kids… they not only want support for themselves, but they want to pay it forward to help other kids.

For example:

1) They want to create a hostel for all kids in situations like this, where they can be safe to explore what they really want to do with their lives.

2) If they are supported with scholarship education fees, as soon as they have work, they want to pay back the money so that other kids can get scholarships too.


The opening quote in the book “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer” ( says:

“I didn’t come to teach you. 

I came to love you. 

Love will teach you.”

Thank you for letting love guide you.


1) DONATE: *Join ‘our kids’, who are paying it forward and contribute to one or all of these needs (see above). Recurring Monthly Donations are especially helpful, and this is an option at every link:

2) SHARE: Post the video and a link to this page on your social media and/or share with friends.

3) LOVE: Send your loving energy to bless them! (See above other creative ways people are supporting, even if they don’t have money.)


An Organization You Can Trust 



100% of the money you donate goes to the causes intended.* (minus any potential bank fees)

– All our administrative costs are paid through other means (e.g. our programming, educational courses, and from sponsors that have specifically donated to this), so that the impact of your kindness and donations extends as far as possible into the lives of the children that need it.

Our team has been working for decades in this area, finding out what works and what doesn’t work.

We have been supporting:

  • orphan kids in Nepal and other places around the world,
  • homeless,
  • animals in need,
  • those who’ve experienced a natural disaster,
  • environmental projects to plant trees and preserve forests, and
  • educational initiatives to help spread the healing Ancient Secrets around the world. 

With local partners, like Choice Humanitarian in Nepal, we pride ourselves on making sure the money contributed by you goes exactly to where it was intended. 

You will be updated as regularly as possible with news about the impact your contribution makes in the lives of these kids. 

And as mentioned earlier, anything additional collected beyond their immediate needs, will go to support these children long-term. The dream of these kids is to collect so much that we can also help other kids like them. 

If you have creative ideas on how you may be able to join us in best supporting these kids, any questions, or if would like to volunteer with Ancient Secrets Foundation, please contact or


All of the funding is transparent and accountable – as our vision is to be one of the most effective foundations that exists on planet earth. The kids we serve deserve the best.