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  • Gifting a person who will do the same
    I decided to gift Claire the book, because she took interest in the topic of Ayurveda, and she released tension in my shoulder. We had met at a Native American Summit in Masachusetts. Claire is a DYNAMO. We became networking friends who recognize that empowering each other is the way for all of us to evolve.
  • An amazing book and story for a new friend from the past for the present and future.
    Annmarie gave me, sometimes with another technician, 5 and a half days of Panchakarma (PK). It was sublime and started with a blood analysis that I was involved in and a pulse reading which was done each day. Yes, so much improvement. I had an abhyanga and shirodhara and basti each day. Most of the bastis were oil and I had an eliminative one, too. And, one day of Nasya and pat pat (I can’t remember the name of this but it was with a bolis for my joints…not a pinda though). My vata greatly improved and I will follow-up with another blood analysis to make sure the platelets were less congealed and a day of PK monthly. I figured she would enjoy Clint’s book and Dr. Naram’s knoweldge. So far she said she is very inspired and it is easy to read. She has taken many courses in gem therapy, marmas, and oils. So I learned a lot what to do. The book is amazing for her.
  • I Gave the book to my friend Christi
    I gave the book to my friend Christi. I was telling her about the Ancients Secrets healing system and our loving community. She was very interested, so I got her the book. She came over today to receive her book, and also to experience freshly cooked Moong Bean soup. She LOVED the soup and enjoyed hear about the Ancient Secrets.
  • Even meat-eating brothers can change
    It was time to congratulate my brother on his/their eating almost no meat anymore, so I gifted him/them with a book with my intense hope for a miracle. He is not quite there yet, but a start is a start!
  • Ameera is a dear prayer partner of mine and we often speak of healing in many areas of life.
    What a lovely birthday gift this book makes. Ameera says it has arrived and today we shared the drink to boost immunity.
  • Dutch book + one
    Myrijka is the Sister of a fiend of mine named Peggy. Clint asked me to give a copy of the book in Dutch to Peggy since they came from Holland. My friend passed away recently. In visiting with Myrijka I was inspired to gift the book to her. In sharing the back cover of the book, she said her doctor would be very interested in it. So I gave her an English book as well to share with her daughter and then pass along to the Doctor.
  • Continuing my journey. Planting the seed in my daughters and friends
    I have bought 4 i am giving 3 books one to each of my daughters Tania Ricardo, Nadine Ricardo 1 to a friend in Portuguese and 1 for me. I have taken the spiritual path since my mum passed in just 4 days her lungs dried up. I needed to know where she would go if she would be alone or she would be ok. All this happened because she did many exams but the Dr’s failed to find out what it was really. They made her feel crazy and that was everything on her head giving her heavy medication for depression and so on… until a privet Dr told her finally to go to a privet clinic/ hospital to do again X-ray to her lungs she collapsed when waiting for the consultant never came back home 😢. Only when she collapsed in the hospital they found out what it was then was to late for her. Never got the chance to say goodbye when I got to the airport she passed away. And myself I can’t remember anymore what is being in pain all over the body lately got worse. Given these books to plant the seed at least so they can see it is other ways…
  • I Gave the book to my friend Beth
    I gave the book to my friend Beth. She is still on chapter 1, but she said she is already very captivated with the book and is looking forward to getting deeper into it and applying the principles to her life.
  • I Gave a book to a friend who is LOVING it.
    I recently gave the book to my friend Susan. She’s only read a few chapters so far but is already Loving it. She said she is loving the miracles stories, and also greatly appreciates how well Dr. Clint expresses himself in the book in such a clear and inspiring way. She is looking forward to starting to apply the principles and to making her first Moong Bean soup.
  • I did give to my best friend the book and she not the only friend which I did give the book
    I did give the book to my best friend, so she can learn that the is a much better way to heal. The best way to heal
  • Magic caves
    I met Harry in Mumbai, India. I was in his shop to rent a bike and we felt a strong soul brother connection. After some weeks I came back again and we were together with motor bike to see some magical and powerful caves. To express my gratitude to him a read his pulse and give the English book like gift !
  • Showing another way to Love
    I live in Italy, my name is Marta. Francesca is a co-worker, we sometimes talk as we resonate well with each other. Yesterday I had mentioned to Francesca, who is interested in “alternative” healing, my interest in Ayurveda. She had many questions. Today, just a few hours before learning that I was going to gift her with the book, Francesca asked the universe a question and asked for a sign. When she received my message about me gifting her with the book, she knew that THAT was the sign. Isn’t it amazing?! she is super excited and happy to start this journey. PS: The book is in Italian as it is Francesca’s first language, but she also speaks English. Grazie!!!