“Love Is The Only Truth” by Denny Dakin (Book Pre-sale)

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UPDATE: We just received news that on Monday, July 19th, 2021, Denny finally transitioned from this life to the next. Thank you for sending your love to Denny’s friends and family, and for honoring the gift of her life and the power of her wisdom by investing in this life-changing book.

All proceeds go to support Denny’s family and loved ones to help cover medical and funeral expenses.

– Have you ever experienced a challenge in life that you have found it difficult to move past?
– Have you ever been hurt, or felt like you had a broken heart, and wanted to find some peace?
– Have you ever loved someone in a painful situation, and you wanted to help them but didn’t know how?

Denny has a life-changing story which can touch any heart as to what is possible.

During her first day of life, her mother trying to extinguish her life by pressing a pillow on her to suffocate her. A nurse saw it and saved her.

Later, as an orphan in England, Denny remembers sitting in her room in the orphanage at night, frightened to hear the footsteps of a man coming down the hall. She knew either she or her two friends would be chosen for that night, taken and the most unspeakable things done to them. And it didn’t matter which was chosen, it was horrible for all as they knew what was happening.

Throughout her life, Denny has experienced some of the most excruciating kinds of pain, physical, mental, and emotional. And through it all – she discovered one of the most powerful secrets that can change anyone’s life. By using this secret, she was able to transmute the darkest experiences into light, and has helped countless others to mend even the most broken heart.

And she has now used this secret to help so many others, to overcome the most horrific problems in their life, and discover at the other end a light and a love.

Denny’s stories and wisdom teachings will change your life, heart, and perception to empower you into self love.

A group of inspired people from all around the world whose lives have been changed by Denny have shared their stories which captured her wisdom and love into her book “The Only Truth Is Love” which can change your life forever.

And now Denny needs our help. She is in the final stages of transition from this life to the next, and the medical costs are mounting.

So before the book is completed, we wanted to give you an opportunity to pre-order the book – and as a result not only receive her wisdom and love, but also help cover the expenses – and send her our love.

When you donate $25 or more now (suggested $50 or more), Your name and information will be collected, and then once the book is completed, you will be sent an email and be given an option to receive a digital .pdf book or a print book. If you want a print book, you will only have to pay for shipping at that time.

We encourage you to be generous – and expect blessings in your life – as we expand the healing love we see in ourselves and all around us.

What you get:

  1. Digital PDF of the books (when the book is completed)
  2. Option to pay for shipping and get the physical copy of the book (when the book is completed)
  3. Immediate access to 3 special bonus videos where Denny shares her intense and powerfully healing story and wisdom upon which her book is based.


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