Orphan Love Bundles!

Minimum Donation: $15.00


An idea blossoms!

Carol and I started making a coloring book we thought the children in Dr. Naram’s Orphanages
would enjoy. I also made a t-shirt for Dr. Clint on his birthday with a the Miracle Logo I created
for Dr. Clint – with himself, Dr. Naram and Milo, the miracle pup. We really wanted the orphans
to have their own t-shirt too! That led us to our idea for ‘Orphan Love Bundles’. We wanted each
child to have a ‘bundle’ of their very own, to make them feel special and so they can have some
of their own possessions, but at the same time everyone receives the same items so nobody
feels slighted or left out. We also want some extra ‘Love Bundles’ to be available for new
orphans when they arrive.
Included in the ‘Love Bundles’:

  1. T-Shirt
  2. Blanket (Because Dr. Naram is known for taking blankets to homeless people and covering
    them up.)
  3. Pillow Case
  4. Coloring Book & Crayons
  5. Journal & Pen/Pencils & Pencil Pouch for Personal Writing

These items will be customized with photos of Dr. Naram & Dr. Clint, maybe Milo (the miracle
pup), with some of Dr. Naram’s quotes, like “I love you and I am with you” and some others. If
we should exceed the amount needed to purchase these items above, it may be possible to add
sports equipment and/or musical instruments.

We have since created a ‘Coloring Book Team’ with some of the Ancient Secret Community
Members. We would love your help and inclusion, and invite anyone in the community, and/or
your family members to create a page for possible inclusion in the coloring book. We cannot
promise every submission will be included, but we will do our best, and would love to see your
heartfelt creations. Because the ages of the orphans vary, we need simple to detailed pages.
Use your imagination, as anything is possible from coloring pages, to mazes or puzzles.

To submit artwork or if you have questions on how you can help, please get in touch with Heidi:
AncientSecretsGratitude@gmail.com or Carol: CarolKRay@AncientSecretsNow.com
We thank you so very much for your involvement and support for these beautiful children who
need our continued love and devotion.

Heidi & Carol
Forever Members of the Ancient Secrets Community


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