Lotus Collection Vol.1 – I Love You and I’m With you

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– Would you like a powerful way to drop from your head to your heart, and access the true peace and wisdom already inside you?

– Would you enjoy a powerful way to open your heart to deeper and deeper healing?

This album is a priceless collection of ancient and modern wisdom skillfully woven with music to enable you to listen beyond your mind, with your whole heart and soul.

These tracks feature illuminaries of our time (Dr. Naram, Ram Dass, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Deepak Chopra, Sara McCrum, and Lou Epstein). Each track was recorded, produced, and arranged by Gary Malkin at Wisdom of the World Wellness (https://www.wisdomoftheworld.com/) and generously offered as a way to benefit the Ancient Secrets Foundation. This exciting album has been launched on May 4, 2021, Dr. Naram’s birthday celebration, in honor of the recently passed legendary master healer.

Some of the wisdom keepers who have contributed to the Alchemical Wisdom process (not all pictured are included in this volume).

Some of the wisdom keepers who have contributed to the Alchemical Wisdom process (not all pictured are included in this volume).

These heart-opening tracks come from Gary’s Alchemical Wisdom process which he has developed and honed over the past two decades, and they represent only a portion of the wisdom works he created, loved and treasured around the world.

Half of all proceeds from this album go directly to the Ancient Secrets Foundation (supporting projects like helping save an orphanage in Nepal) and the other half benefit Wisdom of the World Wellness (to be able to continue making more of these amazing resources available).

Total run time for the entire album is 2 hours 1 minute and 6 seconds! ?

The suggested donation for this priceless work is only $29.97, but we encourage you to be generous and give as much as you can as it goes to a great cause. (Our goal from this is to raise enough to pay for the school of hundreds of orphan kids, in honoring Dr. Naram’s example of serving those who need it most.)

You can start listening right away by entering your donation of $29.97 or more above, and click “add to cart” to purchase and download these transformational tracks today!

(Also look out for Lotus Collection Volume 2 – coming soon, hopefully sometime in 2021.)

Below are the names of the tracks, who they feature, and short preview samples – so you can listen to part of each one and get a feeling for the impact and power they can have on your heart and in your life! Namaste ?❤️

1) “Unstoppable: A Miracle Morning Guided Meditation” – Dr. Pankaj Naram (14:02)

2) “A Call to Self Healing: Activating Your Inner Healer” – Sarah McCrum (8:11)

3) “A Good Day: Reflections from the Godfather of Gratefulness“- Brother David Steindl-Rast (5:29)

4) “Our Deepest Fear/Prayer for Courage: Reclaiming our Greatness” – Marianne Williamson (8:22)

5) “Be Here Now: The Soul’s Most Important Journey” – Ram Dass (From Graceful Passages) (8:30)

6) “Cultivating Stillness: A Guided Meditation” – Deepak Chopra (9:15)

7) “Endless Twilight: Music for Sacred Space” (from Autumn Stillness) (10:23)

8) “More Than Enough: A Wisdom Journey” – Reverend Michael Beckwith (18:51)

9) “The End of Suffering: A Peace Prayer for the Planet” – Gary Malkin (From Unspeakable Grace) (7:13)

13) “Do You Remember Who You Are?” – Music and Lyrics by Gary Malkin (4:44)


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