Be Part of a Miracle for These 30 Orphan Kids

Be Part of a Miracle for These 30 Orphan Kids, & Help Save Their Home!

(We Have 1 Week Left to Help Them)

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help rescue an orphanage in Nepal from closing
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“Love is the greatest healer on this planet.” - Dr. Naram

The Ancient Secrets Foundation was established to help children around the world live a better life. We have the power to change the lives of so many children in need. Our vision is to be one of the most effective foundations that exist. The kids we serve deserve the best.

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Project Nepal Orphanage

Government officials have notified the orphanage that it will be forced to close if proper facilities are not built.
The orphanage relies on donations to provide a home and a family to about 40 children. Without our help in raising money for required facilities, these children may be forced into less favorable homes and conditions.
We will not allow this to happen. Join your heart with ours and donate to this cause.
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Orphan love
Orphan love
Orphan love

The impact one can have for the people in this world...

While working with Saint Mother Teresa, Dr. Naram (who was the inspiration behind this foundation) learned an important secret about Love. It is that Love is the greatest healer. Come discover the ways in which you can feel the power of that healing love in your life as together we serve these kids and make sure they know that they are not alone

All of the funding is transparent and accountable – as our vision is to be one of the most effective foundations that exists on planet earth. The kids we serve deserve the best.

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Even meat-eating brothers can change

It was time to congratulate my brother on his/their eating almost no meat anymore, so I gifted him/them with a book with my intense hope for a miracle. He is not quite there yet, but a start is a start!

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Dutch book + one

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How can you join the “Global Healing Miracle Experiment”?

Check out the awesome way in which You can Heal Yourself, while also Healing the World, by applying the Ancient Healing Secrets of legendary Master Healer, Dr. Naram…

The Ancient Secrets Foundation is currently raising money to help rescue an orphanage in Nepal from closing…

Now You can help save them…

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