Book Gift Challenge

1008 – Global Contagious Healing Birthday Miracle

Dr. Naram’s mission was to “bless every home and every heart on earth with the benefits of the Ancient Secrets.”

Thank you for letting love guide you, in honor of Dr. Naram’s birthday, by sharing these Ancient Secrets to bless others… and then seeing what contagious healing miracles come from it.

What if your one act of love can send contagious healing ripples around the world?

As a THANK YOU to You and to the person you gifted the book to, we are giving you both FREE tickets ($97 value) to the upcoming June 1 & 2 Summit called “Ancient Secrets Unstoppable Celebration”

Submit your picture and information below so we can recognize your act of love and send you both information on redeeming your gifts! ❤️🙏

NOTE: For each person you gift the book to, please submit a separate form each time here.
You can gift as many books as possible, our goal is to reach 1,008 new people around the world, and create a special collage and videos of the pictures to launch on the June 1st & 2nd event.

Total Book Gift Entries So Far...12