Annmarie gave me, sometimes with another technician, 5 and a half days of Panchakarma (PK). It was sublime and started with a blood analysis that I was involved in and a pulse reading which was done each day. Yes, so much improvement.
I had an abhyanga and shirodhara and basti each day. Most of the bastis were oil and I had an eliminative one, too. And, one day of Nasya and pat pat (I can’t remember the name of this but it was with a bolis for my joints…not a pinda though). My vata greatly improved and I will follow-up with another blood analysis to make sure the platelets were less congealed and a day of PK monthly.
I figured she would enjoy Clint’s book and Dr. Naram’s knoweldge. So far she said she is very inspired and it is easy to read. She has taken many courses in gem therapy, marmas, and oils. So I learned a lot what to do. The book is amazing for her.