Every moment of life is a gift.
From my heart to yours I share the news that our dear friend and mentor-in-love, Denny Dakin, left her body Monday morning.
Spontaneously we felt inspired to do a FaceBook live, honoring her life, wisdom, and love…
– Gill shared how the staff at the hospital lined the halls as her body was taken, honoring the amazing soul they had the gift to be with in her last days.
We were so honored to have Denny in the 100-Days Course with all of us, that she gave some Bonus Calls, and many of us had consultations with her, as she helped us discover how any hidden wound can be healed through love.
I’m so extremely grateful to Jen, Gill, and many others who led the efforts over the last 6 months to capture Denny’s wit, wisdom, and love – to be put into a book: “Love Is the Only Truth.”
– The Ancient Secrets Foundation works a lot to help orphans. As an orphan herself, Denny exemplified what it means to transcend any background through love.
What can you, and all of us, do to honor the gift we’ve had to know Denny, and feel her love?
Here are 3 simple ideas:
1) – post below the FaceBook live video any way Denny touched your heart/changed your life & one thing you’d like to commit to do in your life to better live/honor that love (we’ll have more opportunities on Sunday’s Inspiration Call for you to share, too).
And share the FaceBook live video on your page, too.
2) – plant some trees in Denny’s name https://treesisters.org (this is her daughter Claire’s foundation for helping Mother Earth, and all of us)
3) – contribute to the “Denny Love Fund” (helping her family) / and you’ll be pre-registered to receive Denny’s book “Love Is The Only Truth”, once we have it ready. https://ancientsecretsfoundation.org/product/the-only-truth-is-love-by-denny-dakin-book-pre-sale/ (an amazing gift for those you love, an amazing gift for humanity)
Thank you in advance for your generosity and the courageous way in which you choose to love today.
DISCOVER A LOVE WHICH CAN HEAL ANY BROKEN HEART, AND TRANSMUTE THE DARKEST EXPERIENCE INTO LIGHT – A POWERFUL LOVE THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO RIGHT NOW! https://ancientsecretsfoundation.org/product/the-only-truth-is-love-by-denny-dakin-book-pre-sale/